Some guys* know a motorcycle is more than a motorcycle and a road is more than dirt and gravel. They know every back road and alley, every side street in town. They know it’s not always about the destination, and they know exactly how much fun you can have between Point A and Point B.

Some guys know what it’s like to have bugs in your teeth and dust from the road in your hair. They know there’s more to life than heated seats and a couple of cup holders. Some guys know adventure has 2 wheels and handlebars and everything can revolve around that machine.

Matt Work is one of those guys. Owner of Piston & Chain motorcycle club in San Francisco, California, Matt’s obsession with motorcycles began while putting through cornfields as a kid. Then, one day, he felt that tire hook up on asphalt … and there’s been no looking back since.

Meet Matt in the latest video from Esurance and find out how he ended up with motorcycles in his blood.

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If you’re lovin’ the music from our “Why I Ride” video, you’re not alone. The Sam Chase is a San Francisco band that won Best Singer-Songwriter in the SF Bay Guardian’s Best Of The Bay Readers Poll 2013. Check out their video for Perfect World.

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*Some girls know this too. And we salute all you motorcycle mamas out there.

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