What do car insurance and music festivals have in common? Surprisingly, Esurance, since we’ve got innovative tools to make both easier to navigate!

This year, we’re working with ClearHart to bring that innovation to Outside Lands — a 3-day festival of music, food, and art in San Francisco’s Golden Gate Park — in the form of near-field communication (NFC).

What is near-field communication?

NFC is the future of seamless connectivity, letting you do the things you want to do with a simple tap. Similar to the technology behind Google Wallet, it’s a small chip that allows 2 devices to talk to each other when they’re in close proximity.

In fact, you might already be using the technology without realizing it. Here in San Francisco, for example, I tap my Clipper card on the scanner to pay for my train commute every day. And the last time I visited a museum, I was able to access info about the art with my phone. That’s NFC technology at work!

NFC at Outside Lands

If you’ve ever been to Outside Lands, you know it’s awesome — great music, mouthwatering cuisine, lands (LANDS!!) devoted to beer and wine. But while Golden Gate Park is renowned for its rugged beauty, it’s not exactly known for its great cell phone reception.

And it’s easy to miss out on cool stuff when you’ve got your head down, trying to find a signal. (And really, how can you clap with a phone in your hands?)

Well, we’ve got the solution. Simply register for an insider band for instant connections, instant memories, and instant chances to win cool prizes.

Insider band benefits

Straight from the future and directly to your wrist, the insider band uses NFC technology to let you stay connected without taking you out of the festival experience. Save memories, take and share pics, find your friends if you lose them, and be entered to win all kinds of awesome prizes and schwag. It’s like having a reliable connection to everything you love at Outside Lands, with just the tap of the wrist.

All you have to do is register here. You can invite your posse too. Then, when you get to the festival, your insider band will be ready for you at Insider HQ at the Polo Field, so you can rock out like a Jetson.

Since it’s uniquely programmed to you, your insider band lets you tap specially marked towers scattered thorough the festival to seamlessly:

  • Find out if you’ve instantly won cool prizes
  • Take photos and upload them to Facebook
  • Download set lists
  • Remember food and drinks you liked
  • Check in and find your friends
  • Leave them messages so they can find you

When it’s all over, you can relive your favorite moments by accessing your online memory bank … full of photos, music, and cool stuff you did during your epic weekend at Outside Lands.

So, when other people lose their friends or are missing the best moments because of poor reception and dead batteries, you can kick back and enjoy the show knowing you’re one of the insiders.

Head to the Outside Lands website to register for your insider band while supplies last! Otherwise, you may end up like our poor friend Lloyd:

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