It’s no mystery why so many people take their canine companions on the road. A Pit would never diss your playlist, a Lab fits so perfectly in the passenger’s seat, and Poms are always down to shop ‘til you drop (as long as you hold them, of course!).

Traveling with your dog can be a treat if your ride’s up to par. Check out 5 car accessories to help make taking Rover on the road easier for both of you.

 1.  Collapsible pet bowls

Sure, you can find anything from an organic wheatgrass smoothie to a heart-stopping triple patty cheeseburger when you’re out and about. But you can’t always count on accommodations for your furry friend, especially if your dog has special dietary needs or champagne taste when it comes to locally-sourced gluten-free kibble.

Traveling doesn’t have to interfere with your pet’s eating habits. Collapsible pet bowls fold down and fit into small compartments so they’re easy to bring along for the ride. Accompany them with a sandwich baggie of that gourmet kibble and a water bottle and you’re set.

2.  An adjustable seat belt

Buckling up is for you and your pup. Ensure car rides with your pet are safe for both of you and drive distraction-free by securing your dog in a seatbelt or seat specially designed to accommodate canine passengers.

Larger dogs can slip into an adjustable harness that attaches to your car’s seat belt, while “look out” car seats give the little guys a cushy raised platform that attaches to the standard safety harness. In addition to the luxury of the platform’s lining, it allows your tiny traveler to see the road, which helps in preventing motion sickness.

3.  A sheepskin mat

Remember, there’s no place like home. Bringing a piece of home with you on the road is key to a dog’s contentment while riding in the car. To add a cozy touch and element of familiarity to your car’s interior, keep a sheepskin mat in your home for your dog to lie on.

It’s easy to roll up and transport. Plus, spreading it on the seat is a simple way to ease any tension your dog may be feeling.

4.  A durable seat cover

Protect your car seat from nail scratches, dusty paws, and ever-present pet hair that clings to clothing in what always seems to be the most contrasting color possible.

If your dog prefers the sights and excitement of riding shotgun, opt for a padded single-seat cover that slips right over your passenger seats with an adjustable hook and loose straps that fasten to fit.

If your pup likes to stretch out in the backseat, a multi-seat hammock covers everything, creating a relaxing environment for your furry passenger.

5.  A compact fan

Traveling with your dog is a breeze with a handy crate fan. Clip it in to a car vent or the back of your seat so your pup stays cool.

Make sure the fan is accompanied by a port and an AC/DC adapter so there’s no need to worry about plugging it in en route. Simply charge at home and you’re good to go!

By tailoring your car to the needs of your furry companion, you’re making each trip together smoother and safer. Does your dog love coming along for the ride? Let us know how you prep your car for your pup in the comments below!

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