Why wait to get in the spirit of the season? Consider these fun take-alongs for your next fall outing.

1. Scent-sational sprucing

Crisp country apples and spicy pumpkin concoctions are undoubtedly the most nostalgic scents of the season. Sweeten your commute with air fresheners in fall’s best aromas.

2. Blanket statement

Invest in a quality wool blanket to keep in your car. Protect your backseat from dust at the apple orchard or transform your car into a cozy retreat from the cool, fall breeze. When choosing a blanket, you don’t have to opt for a basic pattern. Classic buffalo plaid and vibrant southwestern motifs add a touch of style to your car’s interior.

 3. Perfect for your playlist: fall travel tunes

Whether you find yourself with miles to go on the highway or have the pleasure of cruising along colorful tree-lined roads, nostalgic songs that capture the beauty of autumn make the perfect soundtrack to a breezy fall day.

4. App-solute essential: Leaf Peepr

Leaf lovers unite with this fun, foliage app! Review user ratings of the changing leaves in different areas and see the array of colors debuting across the country to ensure your leaf-peeping destination is at its brightest peak.

5. Ready to ride

While falling leaves are beautiful, they can be bad for your car. Make sure that leaves aren’t blocking the defogger (aka defroster) on the outside of your car by clearing out leaves from the base of the windshield and under the hood behind the engine. Not only will you ensure maximum road visibility, but you’ll also avoid an unpleasant, musty odor seeping through the vents. (Plus, this’ll help extend the life of your windshield wiper blades.)

Also, don’t forget that piled-up leaves can make for slippery road conditions as well as conceal bumps and potholes that would normally be easy to spot.

With so many fall-centric events taking place across the country, we hope you find something on this list fitting for your ride. While these are just some ways you can get set for your travels this season, we’d like to know what’s on your list.

How do you ensure the road to your fall festivities is smooth? Share your trip tips in the comment section below.

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