Turkey. Cranberry sauce. Yams (optional). And to round it all out, a little gratitude. Here are the top 4 things we’re thankful for.

  1. Our customers. You know how when big stars win awards, they say something like, “I want to thank all my fans for making this possible!” And you think, “Ya, ya, ya.” Well, it’s actually true. We’re not big stars, but we do understand that without our customers we wouldn’t be anything. Or anywhere. So we’d just like to say, “Sincere thanks to all our customers, without whom none of this would be possible.”
    Thank you!
  2. Good drivers. This year, just like every other year, we’re thankful for the good drivers out there. In fact, we’d like to take a moment to applaud all you safety-conscious road warriors who wear your seat belts, drive the speed limit, don’t tailgate, turn off your phones, avoid the booze (before driving), and as much as you can, follow the rules of the road. Whether you’re an Esurance customer or not, we appreciate the fact that you’re doing your part to keep everyone safe.
  3. Safer cars. From the invention of the seat belt in 1849 to the cool gadgets of today, technology has literally driven vehicle safety forward. And with new features — like Blind Spot Detection — coming onto the market all the time, we’re certain that it’s only a matter of time before we have the world’s first accident-proof car. Ok, maybe not. But as a car insurance company, our top priority is keeping drivers safe, and we’re thankful for the modern advancements that help bring that goal within reach.
  4. Pumpkin pie. Hey, we’re only human. Happy Thanksgiving, everyone. Please remember to drive safe this weekend … and buckle up!

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Heidi brings 11 years’ experience to her role as Esurance’s copywriting manager. Writer, editor, and all around wordsy, she was content when content wasn’t cool. Also, she likes old-school country.