Personal watercrafts (PWCs) have become much safer since their debut in the 1960s. Today, PWCs come equipped with safety kits, mooring ropes, GPS units, depth finders, and a host of other nifty technologies that make riding safer than ever before.

That said, added safety features can only do so much to keep you protected on the water. Before you head out joy riding on your Jet Ski, here are a few boating safety tips from your friendly insurance company:

  1. Always wear a life vest. The U.S. Coast Guard (USCG) requires that all PWC riders wear USCG-approved life vests. They’re not called life jackets for nothin’ and could literally mean the difference between life and death should an accident occur. Make sure you choose the correct size for your weight.
  2. Have the right protective clothing. If you’ve ever jumped off the high dive and landed the wrong way, you know that water can hurt. And hurt a lot. On hot summer days, it’s tempting to ride in your bathing suit, but wearing a wetsuit can help protect you from the wrath of a rough water landing. And depending on what you have planned for your ride, footwear, gloves, and goggles are also recommended.
  3. Attach the engine shut-off cord to your wrist. If you should happen to fall, this will keep your PWC from zooming away uncontrolled. And if you happen to be thrown in front of your craft, will prevent it from hitting you as you emerge.

In conjunction with safe boating practices, PWC insurance will also go a long way toward keeping you protected. Think of PWC insurance as a life vest for your investment, keeping you financially afloat should something unexpected happen.

And unless you’re some kind of insurance guru (which we doubt), chances are you have a few questions. Our PWC insurance FAQs can help. Check them out for answers to all your burning questions regarding unlimited use coverage and fuel spill protection.

And hey, have (safe) fun out there on the water.

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