Traffic’s a bummer no matter where you live, but our writers all think their respective towns are the worst cities for drivers. The question is: Which really is the worst? Check out their arguments for San Francisco, Los Angeles, DC, and New York, and see how they compare to your hometown.

Worst Cities for Drivers: San Francisco

Hills, traffic, fog … and cyclists. Skip the car and take the ample public transportation.

Worst Cities for Drivers: Los Angeles

Traffic, lack of parking, and did we mention traffic? The City of Angels isn’t always so angelic.

Worst Cities for Drivers: Washington, DC

Nineteenth-century roads with twenty-first-century traffic. Watch out for that tourist on a Segway!

Worst Cities for Drivers: New York City

A city where no one is meant to drive, but way too many people do anyway. At least it gives New Yorkers something to complain about.

Do you live in one of these cities? What’s your experience driving there? Leave a comment about it! (And feel free to gloat or gripe about driving in your hometown.)

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