How many apps does it take to screw in a light bulb? If you answered “none,” well, you just might be living in the past. The Internet of Things has officially arrived, bringing you a “smart” version of virtually every thinkable home accessory. Here’s a rundown of some of the weirdest connected home technologies competing for your bandwidth.

1. Smart water bottles

A slew of new, smart water bottles have hit the market this year, and they’re here to remind you to make proper hydration a serious priority. Designs and features vary, but most of this new breed will track your hydration levels throughout the day, display your hydration status, monitor your water quality, and remind you when it’s time to take a sip. Cheers!

2. Smart litter box

Cat owners, rejoice! Today’s kitty latrines are chock full of bells and whistles — automatically sifting waste from clean litter, monitoring your cat’s bathroom habits, even sending your phone health alerts when something seems amiss (if you’re looking for real-time status updates every time your cat goes potty, this is for you). Analytics can be accessed on a mobile device through fairly robust downloadable apps.

3. Smart toilet paper holder 

Smart toilet paper holders have hit the market, trying to solve that age-old, end-of-the-roll dilemma. Most will remind you when you have an empty roll (and can even calculate in advance when you’ll need a new one). Other models track your usage over time, giving you access to a bunch of different data points through the dedicated app, and allowing your connected T.P. holder to automatically order replacement rolls, among other extremely helpful things.

4. Smart blender

Avoid the much-maligned 2,000-calorie smoothie once and for all! Smart blenders allow you to view the nutritional components of your smoothies in real-time, using sensors that automatically track what goes into the blender as you build your beverage. A dedicated app will even send you a warning when your smoothie is getting too caloric and deliver you customized smoothie recipes based on your dietary needs or health goals. Bottoms up!

5. Smart duvet cover

Connected tech has found its way into the bedroom, with connected pillows, sleep trackers, and sleep aids. But one standout offering is the smart duvet cover, which allows you to make your bed from anywhere in the world with just a tap of the app. Think you’re dreaming? This smart accessory also promises 2-zone climate control. Don’t wake us up!

6. Smart jump rope

Love feeling the burn from your home gym? Smart jump ropes can track your reps and record your data, monitoring everything from calories burned to jump count. Some models will even project your fitness data in mid-air. Dedicated product apps will recommend training programs based on your fitness and let you challenge friends to a workout — unlocking rewards and prizes alone the way. One small jump for man, one giant leap for the jump rope!

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