Since the first flower blossomed around 130 million years ago, life on earth hasn’t been the same. From livening up our landscapes to giving us pungent perfumes, it seems like there are a thousand and one uses for these beautiful blooms.

But perhaps one of the best things about flowers isn’t what they do, but what they can signify. For most of us, a red rose given to a sweetheart suggests amorous intentions. A bouquet of daffodils in February signals that spring is just around the corner.

With so much meaning in every blossom, it’s no surprise that states also use the power of flowers to represent themselves. But which flower stands for which state?

State flowers

Ever wonder, “What is the state flower for California?” Or Nebraska? Or any other state for that matter? Well wonder no more because we’ve gathered all 50 state flowers in one pretty place.

50 state flowers
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Car insurance by state

If thinking about state flowers has you wondering about other state-specific info (like car insurance info, maybe?), we have a state-by-state guide to explain car insurance in your state. From required coverages to car insurance discounts, our state-by-state resource has everything you need to know about insurance and driving where you live. And as a (free) bonus, you can also find quirky facts and state-specific trivia.

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