Whether you’re a tech tycoon or an old-school operator, chances are (unless you’ve been hiding under your bed) you’ve heard at least something about SOPA (Stop Online Piracy Act) and PIPA (Protect IP Act). And if you’ve cruised the web at all, you’ve probably heard the chatter surrounding the SOPA blackout taking place on numerous websites today.

As a company that was born online and a daily commuter on the information superhighway, we at Esurance have been keeping close tabs on the story as it evolves. In case you’ve missed any of the action, here’s a little background to get you up to speed.

Check out some of the most recent SOPA news below.

What is SOPA?

The Wall Street Journal takes a crack (albeit a well-educated and thoughtful crack) at explaining the online piracy bill. Read the story about the online piracy bill.

SOPA and PIPA explained

ABC’s Ned Potter looks at both sides of the argument and explains the bill and its objections. Read the explanation about SOPA and PIPA.

Beyond SOPA

This Forbes report takes an in-depth look at SOPA and argues that it will do very little to solve the problem it’s attempting to fix. Read the argument against SOPA.

The SOPA debate

Check out this debate between Richard Cotton, NBC Universal’s chief counsel, and Chris Hayes from MSNBC’s “Up” (who is adamantly opposed). See the debate.

New York Times argues against SOPA

Find out what the NYT has to say about the online piracy act and why they oppose the bill. Read why the NYT opposes SOPA.

The SOPA Bill

Take a look at the actual bill itself! (PDF)

We hope this was helpful for you in gaining a better understanding of SOPA and the arguments surrounding it. Where do you stand on the matter? Weigh in on our Facebook page.

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