Any cinephile worth his or her salt has seen The Wizard of Oz. This well-aged strip of celluloid broke all sorts of cinematic boundaries, put Kansas on the worldwide map, and made lions seem way more approachable than they really are.

Crazy as it may seem, The Wiz just passed the 73rd anniversary of its original, tinsel-tinged premiere on August 12, 1939. Through these many decades, fans and critics have analyzed the characters of this beloved film in just about every way possible … except one, that is: as car insurance policyholders (of course!).

As a unique commemoration of the movie’s debut — and of Esurance’s recent arrival in The Sunflower State — we thought we’d trot out Kansas’s favorite daughter, Dorothy, and her whole Oz crew to see how they’d fare as modern Esurance customers.

Prediction 1 — the Scarecrow would receive a Good Student discount

We all know the Wizard gave the Scarecrow a diploma, proving he “has a brain.” Now let’s hope the Scarecrow turns that diploma into a college admission (Kansas University, Kansas State, Oz Tech — any will do). Why? Because in Kansas (and many other states), students who maintain a 3.0 GPA can qualify for our Good Student discount. And since the Scarecrow passed the Wiz’s curriculum, we’re betting he has the chops to make those grades.

Here’s the bonus good news: this discount can apply to high-school, community-college, and university students!

Prediction 2 — the Tin Man’s ardent carpooling could save him money

Due to the constant threat of rust-based paralysis, letting the Tin Man drive by himself would be a recipe for disaster no amount of heel-clicks could fix. Fortunately, he can rely on carpooling to get around, significantly reducing the annual mileage on his own ride. (Which is great news for his bank account.)

Car insurance companies  (Esurance included) often consider driving frequency as a factor when determining car insurance premiums. So the less the Tin Man drives, the more he could potentially save.

Prediction 3 — Toto would benefit from the Coverage Counselor®

Though filthy rich (having reportedly made $125 per day — plus treats!), Toto has trouble knowing the smartest way to spend his dough. He wants the savviest auto coverages but is too busy with work and fetch to know what makes sense for him. Does he need collision coverage while cruising I-70? Does Kansas have a lot of uninsured motorists to guard against?

Luckily for Toto, Esurance is all about solving these concerns with convenience. Take our handy Coverage Counselor: one stop here and Toto can get an expert rundown of what coverages fit his location, budget, and driving habits. Wooof! (Dog-speak for, “Sweeeet!”)

Prediction 4 — the Wicked Witch would use RepairView™ to track her repairs

The Wicked Witch is stressed. She’s overdue for an eyebrow wax, her ruby slippers have gone missing, and she just had an accident on the famously busy Yellow Brick Road. But one thing she wouldn’t have to worry about (with Esurance, anyway) is her car’s repair status once she takes it to the shop.

With RepairView, which sends her smartphone or computer up-to-date pics of her car’s repairs (and even lets her easily share them on Facebook), she can keep track of the repair process from start to finish. We’re not saying she’s a role model. But this is one wickedly smart move Kansans might want to try for themselves.

Prediction 5 — Dorothy would be all about the Esurance mobile app

When reporting car insurance claims, a clear memory is quite helpful. And no one reports with more spot-on accuracy than Dorothy. When it comes to recreating an accident scene, she can always name exactly “who was there.”

Now, what if she wanted to start a claim but didn’t have time to call? No problem. She’d simply download the Esurance mobile app, enter her accident details right on her smartphone, and send them our way. Easy as that.

Prediction 6 — Auntie Em would benefit from homeowners insurance

Okay, that’s not really a prediction since we all know what happened to the house. But knowing that Kansas is prone to tornadoes means investing in a reliable homeowners policy is just plain smart. (Though we’re not sure their liability coverage would cover squashing a witch … just saying.)

There you have it. Hopefully all your cinematic and insurance curiosities have come into focus — kinda like, say, going from black-and-white to color? (Sorry, we had to do it.)

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