Americans waste more than $15 billion a year on unused gym memberships. That’s a whole lot of money for absolutely nothing. The average gym membership costs $480 per year, but if you’re determined to get in shape this year, we put together a short list of easy ways to avoid the gym. Stick with the following suggestions and you could save $387.03.

Medicine ball – $36.99 Medicine ball exercises help to build muscle and burn fat, and you can do them almost anywhere. Suitable for all ages and fitness levels, medicine balls allow for improved range of motion, core strength, coordination, flexibility, joint integrity, and upper and lower body strength.

Workout games – $39.99Exergaming” is a fun, affordable, and increasingly popular way to get in shape. Games involve the player in dance, aerobics, kickboxing, sports, and martial arts. Like other forms of exercise, exergaming can help with weight loss and improve fitness and health.

Exercise bands – $15.99 Aside from being a great way to work out nearly every major muscle in your body, exercise or resistance bands are very affordable and so lightweight you can take them anywhere. Great for the hips, thighs, buttocks, arms, chest, back, and abs, you can also tailor the resistance to meet your specific fitness needs and goals.

Walking – $00.00 Incorporating just 10-15 minutes of walking into your daily routine helps improve health and wellness. A brisk 15-minute walk will burn at least 100 calories, and if you take 4 a day, you can burn as many calories as you would by walking steadily for an hour.

Make it your goal to spend only what you need to on health and fitness this year. Use these tips to save money on your workout routine and while you’re at it, get a fast, free quote to see how much you could save on health insurance.

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