Esurance is all about safe driving. So a report by Allstate, our owner, on the U.S. cities with the most dangerous and safest drivers, really caught our eye.

The survey looked at Allstate’s property damage claims over a 2-year period to see which city had the most claims and which had the fewest. For the fifth year in a row, Sioux Falls, South Dakota, took the top spot. (Is it a coincidence that our customer service center is located in Sioux Falls? Perhaps not.)

Allstate’s list includes nearly 200 cities from around the country. And the results may (or may not) surprise you.

Cities with the safest drivers

There’s just something about the Midwest. Maybe it’s the slower pace of life or the wheat-filled diets. Whatever it is, it’s full of safe drivers.

Here are the cities with the safest drivers, starting with the cream of the crop.

  1. Sioux Falls, South Dakota
  2. Boise, Idaho
  3. Fort Collins, Colorado
  4. Madison, Wisconsin
  5. Lincoln, Nebraska
  6. Huntsville, Alabama
  7. Chandler, Arizona
  8. Reno, Nevada
  9. Knoxville, Tennessee
  10. Springfield, Missouri

If your city’s on the list, then all we can say is keep it up!

Cities with the most dangerous drivers

While many of the cities in the bottom 10 are lovely in other regards — an iconic bridge (and Esurance headquarters), an historic bell, and a hub of democracy — when it comes to road safety, let’s just say there’s room for improvement.

Here are the top 10 most dangerous driving cities (from least safe to … er … slightly safer).

  1. Washington D.C.
  2. Baltimore, Maryland
  3. Providence, Rhode Island
  4. Hialeah, Florida
  5. Glendale, California
  6. Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
  7. Alexandria, Virginia
  8. Newark, New Jersey
  9. Miami, Florida
  10. San Francisco, California

If you happen to live in any of these cities, cheer up. There’s no place to go but up!

Safest cities by size

To be fair, small cities are likely to pose fewer road risks than their more frenetic urban counterparts. Allstate took this into account and also rated cities by size. Here are the cities that took the top safety spots by population size.

  • More than 1 million people: Phoenix, Arizona (for the eighth year in a row)
  • 750,000–1 million people: Indianapolis, Indiana (they’re probably not counting Indy 500 wrecks)
  • 500,000–750,000 people: Tucson, Arizona (nice work, Arizonians!)
  • Less than 500,000 people: Lincoln, Nebraska (down 2 spots from last year, but still a good showing)

Everyone benefits when you drive safely

No matter where you live, safe driving is smart driving. So, start setting a good example in your city — buckle up, avoid the cell phone, and slow down — it could save a life (and save you some money on car insurance).

Want to learn more about safe driving? Check out our safety articles for a wealth of tips and stats.

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