Robert Frost was born in San Francisco, liked trees a lot — he wrote a handful of poems that featured them prominently — and was dedicated to presenting complex topics in a concise, easy-to-understand manner. Sound familiar?

Ok, we get that comparing ourselves to one of the most notable poets of the 20th century is absurd, but it’s National Poetry Month. And we want to celebrate. So we spent a rainy afternoon mapping out parallels between Robert Frost and Esurance.

Of course, while we were digging for parallels, we couldn’t help but stumble across some of Frost’s greatest poems. And so we eventually found ourselves in both a poetic and car insurance-ey frame of mind. On that note, we present you with our Robert Frost Guide to Car Insurance.

The importance of car insurance

(“Nothing Gold Can Stay”)
Possibly Frost’s most famous poem (and quoted by Ponyboy in The Outsiders), “Nothing Gold Can Stay” touches on the fleeting nature of perfection. And just like “nature’s first green,” your perfect car and shiny paint will likely not stay that way forever. Especially in a country with roughly 254 million cars on the road.

Having the right amount of car insurance to meet your specific needs is essential to protecting your finances in the event of an accident. And while poets aren’t often known for being sensible, something tells us that our trusty guide to car insurance, Mr. Frost, was practical enough to understand this (and we like to think he would have chosen Esurance for his car insurance since we do have a few things in common).

Guide to car insurance shopping

(“The Road Not Taken”)
While “the road less traveled by” may be a good thing when it comes to your morning commute (or the rest of your life), it’s not necessarily all that great when talking about car insurance. It’s important to shop around and equally important to choose a reliable company, well-liked by its customers.

When you get a quote with Esurance, you can compare rates from other leading companies in just minutes … and all on our website. And if you want to hear what our customers have to say about us, just visit our Facebook page. It’s all right there — as easy to stop by as “woods on a snowy evening.”

Car insurance claims

(“Mending Wall”)
Though Frost probably wasn’t talking about cars when he wrote, “Something there is that doesn’t love a wall,” you should definitely add your ride to the list of things that don’t love a wall (or a telephone pole or another car). Nonetheless, more than 10 million accidents take place in the U.S. each year, making it important to ensure that you have reliable insurance that will be there when you need it most. Because here’s one more thing that doesn’t love a wall: you when you’re trying to file a claim.

At Esurance we don’t think your needs should be met with a wall (nor do we want you to feel like hitting your head against one). That’s why we have licensed experts and dedicated claims reps available 24/7 to help you out. It’s a small but important detail (and we think Frost would approve).

Saving on car insurance

(“The Hardship of Accounting”)
In conclusion, though Frost had very little (nay, nothing) to say on the matter of car insurance, when it came to money and saving, he offered up this advice:

Never ask of money spent

Where the spender thinks it went.

Nobody was ever meant

To remember or invent

What he did with every cent.

We, however, have only this to say: Esurance was built to save you money on car insurance. Find out how much when you get your free quote.

Happy National Poetry Month, everyone!



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