Today is Veterans Day. A time to remember and celebrate the brave men and women who’ve fought for our country. And a time to thank the nearly 1.5 million troops who are currently serving at home and abroad.

Originally known as Armistice Day, the holiday began with a truce between the Allied nations and Germany on November 11, 1918. One year later, President Wilson commemorated Armistice Day, which finally became a national holiday in 1938. Then, in 1954, the name was changed to Veterans Day to include all veterans.

At Esurance, we work hard every day to show our support of troops and veterans in the community as well as the workplace.

Customers on active duty

One way Esurance thanks our customers in the military is by making it easier for them to take care of their car insurance. Generally, if you cancel your policy, a lapse in coverage will cost you the next time you purchase a policy. (Car insurance companies consider drivers who go without coverage to be a higher risk than those who remain continuously insured.)

If you’re an active member of the military who’s deployed abroad, however, Esurance won’t count your time away as a gap in insurance coverage. Just let us know ahead of time when you’re being deployed and we’ll take care of canceling your policy. We’ll even waive any cancellation fees. Then, when you return home, we’ll reinstate your policy without any penalties.

And if you transfer to a base in another city or state, we’ll help you update your policy in a snap. If you’re reassigned to a state where we don’t currently offer car insurance, we can help you find a new policy with a reliable company.

Veterans in the workplace

Who better to understand our customers in the military than veterans themselves? Esurance proudly employs military vets and is dedicated to supporting veterans’ issues both in and out of the workplace.

Because veterans often encounter a unique set of challenges upon returning to civilian life, we developed the Esurance Veterans Engagement Team and Supporters (EVETS), which serves as a valuable support system for our veterans and their loved ones. EVETS also works to create career development opportunities for former military personnel and promote awareness of veterans’ issues and concerns.

This year, each of our offices will recognize Veterans Day with special activities that honor our vets. Some offices are holding breakfasts where current and former military personnel are invited to wear their uniforms or military insignia. Other offices are creating bulletin boards that showcase our veterans’ military pictures and stories.

Of course, these are just tokens of the deep respect and appreciation we feel. To all the men and women who’ve served and continue to serve our country, we salute you.


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