Presidents Day is upon us, and what better way to celebrate our forefathers than by giving them new rides (American-made, of course). Here’s a list of cars we think some of our former presidents might drive.*

Our Birthday Boys

George Washington (born February 22, 1732)
As commander of the Continental Army, Washington helped liberate us from British rule. He also went on to establish the office of president, setting some pretty important ground rules for our modern-day democracy. Away from the public eye, Washington was an innovative agriculturalist and astute businessman.

Such a complex man would require a versatile vehicle — something befitting official state functions yet still rugged enough for weekend excursions to Mt. Vernon with Martha. For you, Mr. Washington, we have chosen the aptly named Jeep Liberty, a car with a well-regarded military history, just like yourself.

Abraham Lincoln (born February 12, 1809)
President Lincoln was a self-taught man from a modest frontier family. Though he rose to power and prominence, he never put much stock in flash or extravagance. Therefore, a luxury or sports car simply wouldn’t do.

Forward-thinking in his views on slavery, yet conservative politically, we think Lincoln falls somewhere between electric car and traditional sedan. With that in mind, we’ve chosen the Lincoln (obviously) MKZ Hybrid — a traditional-looking sedan with a modern twist (and we’d be happy to provide the modern car insurance to go with it).

More Presidential Rides

Since pondering former presidents’ cars is just so darn fun (and a good distraction from our other work), we couldn’t stop with just the birthday boys. Here are our other presidential picks.

Thomas Jefferson — Chrysler Town & Country
The Sage of Monticello had a big family — just how big is open to debate — so naturally he’d need a safe, reliable minivan to tote the kids around.

James Madison — Chevy Corvette
At just 5’4”, “Little Jemmy” might have wanted a car with BIG attitude. Need we say more?

Andrew Jackson — Harley Davidson
“Old Hickory” was tough as nails and we’re pretty sure he’d fit right in with the Harley crowd.

John Tyler — Chevy Monte Carlo
Who? What? Exactly.

Ullyses S. Grant — Dodge Charger
Grant charged and the enemy surrendered. We figure he’d like a car that reflected his style.

Chester A. Arthur — Cadillac CTS-V
“Prince Arthur,” as his nickname implied, was known for indulging in the finer things in life.

Franklin D. Roosevelt — Ford Fusion
Practical, reliable, great mileage … we could be talking about the car or the 4-term president.

Harry Truman — Ford Fiesta
Known for living modestly after his presidency, we think he’d go for an economical car.

John F. Kennedy — Ford Mustang
Do we really need to give a reason for this one?

Think we missed the ball? Got some more? Let us know your choices for presidential cars on our Facebook page!

*We’re just having some Presidents Day 2012 fun (it is the jolliest of holidays, after all). We’re in no way advertising or passing judgment on any of the cars (or presidents) listed in this post.

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