It’s already been a stellar year for smart home technology, bringing to market an array of products with increasingly robust features and space-age-seeming solutions to help you automate, protect, and manage your home base. Here are some of the latest gadgets geared toward leveling-up your home’s efficiency.

Smart thermostats

The latest generation of smart home thermostats use adaptive learning to anticipate your heating needs and minimize your energy costs based on your behavior (maybe you like the house cool at bedtime, but warm after your morning shower, for example). New geofencing features allow your thermostat to track whether you’re inside or outside your house, adjusting your indoor temps accordingly. And an increasing number of smart thermostats are compatible with smart hubs, meaning you can ask Siri or Alexa to make instant adjustments to temps using vocal commands.

Cordless electric lawnmowers

The latest range of cordless electric lawnmowers can help you spare the air, save on gas, and eliminate the noise pollution associated with louder, gas-powered lawnmower engines. Electric lawnmowers are easy to recharge (just plug-in), start with a simple push of a button (goodbye pesky starter rope), and are much lighter, easier to maneuver, and more portable than their gas-guzzling predecessors. Tired of pushing a mower all together? Check out the latest self-propelled models, which do the work for you.

Smart home sensors

Smart home sensors can give you insight and peace of mind when it comes to the inner workings of your home. These sensors can help you monitor some of your home’s most essential functions — everything from your water and gas use to real-time indoor air quality. Many will also send you an alert the moment a problem (like a flood or a carbon monoxide leak) is detected.

Robot vacuums

The newest generation of bot vacuum cleaners are app-enabled, meaning you can use your phone to control, steer, and schedule your robot (this is an upgrade from older models, which still require the use of a remote control). Sand, pet hair, and dirt are no match for these models, which travel around your house using sensor technology to detect walls, furniture, and floors. New connected features mean you can also get push alerts when your vacuum starts or finishes a cleaning.

Automated window shades

Pricier than your average window covering, smart shades offer a host of features traditional window shades just can’t touch. Use apps to program your shades to automatically raise and lower based on time of day or ambient heat. These can be a great option for hard-to-reach windows (or for individuals with limited mobility). Some products also offer easy integration with smart hubs for voice command operation.

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