As an insurance company, we help millions of people protect what matters most — you could say that’s part of our core code. That’s why we were so excited to take part in a Recycled Rides event that will help one Sacramento woman care for her family in a concrete and essential way.

A new start

Our recipient is a Navy veteran who had recently moved to Sacramento for a fresh start when an accident totaled her minivan. This was a blow to her and her special needs daughter, age 6, whom she takes to doctor’s appointments on a regular basis. Mother and daughter had to rely on public transportation, often with more than one transfer, to travel to appointments — a routine made harder by the fact that the daughter uses a wheelchair.

With their new ride, a refurbished 2012 Chevrolet Impala donated by Esurance and restored by Caliber Collision, the pair can get where they need to go without waits, walks, and transfers, buying back hours of transportation time and stress. To top off the donation, they received a trunkful of extras, including gift cards and toys.

Esurance and Recycled Rides

With a commitment to the community we serve, we at Esurance are proud and grateful to take part in these events. We hope the new car will improve daily life for this veteran and her daughter for many years to come, and we look forward to taking part in more events to change the lives of families who need a lift.

See the full story of this Sacramento family as covered by local news. And read more about the Recycled Rides program and our involvement.



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