Since we first launched our top-shelf motorcycle insurance in Wisconsin last year, we’ve been steadily rolling it out to new states. This month, we rumbled into Arizona.

With an average rainfall of just 11.32 inches, Arizona has a longer riding season than many states. And, with the Grand Canyon in its backyard and Route 66 running its width, the Copper State offers up some spectacular rides.

Best motorcycle rides in Arizona

As with any state, there’s much debate on which is the best ride in Arizona. But, if you’re looking for a few ideas, here are some helpful resources to get you started.

  • The Mother Road: Route 66 (here, focuses solely on the storied roadway, which Arizona claims is the longest stretch still in use today)

Motorcycle insurance in Arizona

Esurance offers numerous great coverages to help riders in Arizona protect their bikes (and mopeds, scooters, golf carts, ATVs, and more).

  • New motorcycle protection
    With this coverage, Esurance will pay the MSRP on a current-year bike of the same make and model if your ride’s declared a total loss.
  • Trip interruption coverage
    Don’t let a mechanical breakdown, collision, or comprehensive claim get in your way. Get trip interruption coverage and we’ll cover:
    • $100 for lodging
    • $50 for alternate transportation
    • $50 for food

   Yep, that’s per day until your bike is fixed (up to $500 per incident).

  • Optional equipment coverage
    Get a whopping $3,000 in optional equipment coverage free when you add comprehensive or comprehensive and collision coverage. If you need more, you can add up to $30,000 in additional coverage.
  • Collision coverage
    Esurance motorcycle collision coverage helps repair or replace your vehicle, riding leathers, and other apparel — including up to $500 per helmet.
  • Roadside assistance
    We’ll cover up to $100 if you need a tow to the nearest qualified repair facility.

Motorcycle insurance quotes

Check out the motorcycle pages on our site to get a motorcycle insurance quote or learn all you need to know about motorcycle coverage and discounts.

Motorcycle safety

You can also visit the Esurance blog for tips on everything from navigating wet weather to staying visible:

Finally, if you like to punctuate your life with adventure, check out our “Why I Ride” video to see the passion of the road described by fellow enthusiast, Matt Work.

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