Mother’s Day (also known as mothers day by the grammatically challenged) is just around the corner. And by just around the corner, we mean the day after tomorrow!

If you’re like 17.2 million other Americans (just a guess), you probably haven’t purchased a Mother’s Day gift yet. In fact, if you’re like most of us, you’ll be at your local grocery store Sunday morning, arm-wrestling 5 other forgetful sons and daughters for the last (wimpy) bouquet of yellow carnations and a box of glazed pastries.

But it shouldn’t be this way. This is Mom we’re talking about. She gave birth to you and then spent the next several decades trying to keep you alive and happy (and in good standing with the law). Doesn’t she deserve more than a $7.99 bouquet of leftover flowers and a day-old donut?

Yes she does. And we can help you give it to her. Here’s a quick list of last-minute Mother’s Day gift ideas from your friends at Esurance.

Mother’s Day Gift Ideas for Mom’s of All Kinds

Car insurance + pashmina

Here’s one of our favorite Mother’s Day gift ideas. Show mom how grown up and practical you’ve become by offering to pay her car insurance for a month. (Or just give her the moolah.) Not only will she appreciate the gesture, it’ll also free up a little bill-paying money for something much more fun (like a day at the spa). Wrap your car insurance coupon in a colorful pashmina or scarf, tie a ribbon around it, and voilá  … mom will be astonished by your practicality and your creativity.

Brunch + car wash

Listen, mom doesn’t want to make breakfast (or do dishes) on Mother’s Day. Give her a break from pancake making and syrup scrubbing and make Mother’s Day fancy. Have crepes, strawberries, and mimosas. (Just remember it’s your job to be the designated driver and stick with straight OJ.)

After brunch, show her how much you’ve learned about the importance of cleanliness by taking her out to have her car detailed. Or if money’s tight — hey, we get it — take a spin through the drive-through carwash (it’s surprisingly green and fun too). The car will be shiny and mom will be happy (especially if you heeded our advice on the mimosas).

Time + you

More than likely, what mom really wants is to spend time with you. This Mother’s Day, instead of just “dropping by” for an hour or 2, why not make a whole day of it? Take her to play miniature golf, plan a picnic on the beach, or go for a long, sunny walk in the park. You get the idea. Whether it’s a champagne brunch, an afternoon at the salon, or a day at the roller rink, spend a little extra time making mom’s day this year.

Mother’s day poems + flowers

If you want something a little more personal for mom … write a poem. Ok, maybe you’re not a poet. Maybe you’re not even a writer. But when you made her that turkey/hand/outline/thingy in second grade, she liked that, didn’t she? So chances are, if you write her a poem (from the heart), she’ll love that too. Besides, it never hurts to tell dear ol’ mom you love her. Here are a few famous mom poems to get you started.

The flowers, of course, need no explanation.

Giraffe cookie cutters + seashell soap holder

Don’t take these suggestions literally. The idea here is to personalize. Your friends at Esurance can suggest dozens of great gifts for Mother’s Day that all might fall short of the mark. She’s your mom … and you know her better than any car insurance blogger out there.

So think about what moves and inspires her, what she likes and what makes her happy. If you just apply yourself (thanks for that one, mom!), you’ll probably discover that you’re way better at coming up with Mother’s Day gift ideas for your mom than we are.

Happy Mother’s Day 2012

Wishing all you moms out there a very happy, relaxing, and dishes-free day. (And if you happen to get the giraffe cookie cutters, we apologize in advance.)

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