Esurance is excited to announce the launch of Fuelcaster, a gas price predictor and the first of its kind in the industry.

As a company built to save, we’ve helped our customers save time, hassle, and money on car insurance since our inception. Now, with the launch of Fuelcaster, we hope to bring our signature time- and money-saving innovation to everyone. Fuelcaster is something that everybody can love — a free, easy-to-use website that can predict whether gas prices will rise or fall tomorrow.

How to get a gas price prediction

To get a prediction for your area, just visit and enter your ZIP. Fuelcaster will display a “buy today” or “buy tomorrow” recommendation based on calculations regarding whether the price of gas is expected to rise or fall in the next 24 hours. It will also show nearby gas stations (up to 10) along with their current gas prices, so you can see the lowest price in your area. And once you decide which station to fuel up at, it’ll help you navigate there.

Basically, it’s just our secret blend of digital herbs and mathematical spices that allow us to see when you could save money at the pump (thanks to our friends at GasBuddy!).

Gas prices can vary by as much as a dollar within the same ZIP. Using Fuelcaster, you could save each time you fill up. Depending on how much you drive and where, it could add up over the course of a year. We think that’s pretty cool.

Please note, prices aren’t guaranteed. Gas prices are influenced by many factors and savings will vary.

Esurance technology

Our goal has always been to make car insurance simple, transparent, and affordable. Of course, we love to help our customers save money along the way. With the launch of Fuelcaster, we’re simply extending the benefits of our tech-savvy know-how to people who aren’t Esurance customers (yet).

We’ve changed the way people shop for and buy insurance, and now we’re helping change the way people shop for and buy their gas, too.  If you’d like to spend less money on gas this year, give Fuelcaster a whirl. It’s FREE and it’s easy!  Go to and try it yourself.


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