How do our sales agents become Esurance experts? For many, learning the ropes at Esurance means getting to know Katie F. As a sales and customer service trainer, her job is to guide new associates through the often complicated insurance process.

Katie loves people. And whether she’s on a call with a customer or training new sales agents, her enthusiasm for developing relationships shines through.

Katie’s philosophy is to always move forward, which is evident both in her career and her hobby as a boater. In fact, life on the water helps keep her centered, at peace, and ready to take on the next adventure. (If we ever open an office in the Caribbean, Katie, we’ll call you.)

Get to know one of our very own. Meet Katie F.


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about Anne May

Anne May is a communication specialist at Esurance. A former public speaking instructor, she spent her days in the front of the classroom. Now she works behind the scenes ensuring delivery of our internal and external communications. She sometimes misses having an audience, but gets her fix performing with her Hula sisters at local shows and festivals.