In spite of our dot-com heritage and tech-savvy ways, Esurance is still a company comprised of living, breathing, very smart, problem-solving people. Meet the talented men and women who work tirelessly behind the scenes and discover what really makes us tick.

Meet Erika V., sales support lead
Find out what drives this enthusiastic sales rep both in the office and on the ice.

Meet Casey S., network manager
This guy was made for his job. Hear his story and find out why he’s such a great fit here at Esurance.

Meet Nandini E., director of systems engineering
What drives the great minds behind Esurance’s innovation? Drive, talent … and a little bit of junk food.

Meet Erin H., customer service rep
Find out why this helpful customer service rep gets to wear her fuzzy slippers to work.

Meet Derek M., licensed customer service rep
Esurance expert and Ben Affleck lookalike — find out what makes Derek such a superstar.

Meet Katie F., sales and customer service trainer
Where do Esurance experts get their expertise? It often starts with Katie, sales trainer extraordinaire.

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