Having worked in claims for 28 years now, I’ve seen firsthand just how confusing and downright frustrating it can be to file one. I get it!

When customers call us to report a claim, they’re usually extremely stressed about what’s going to happen. And they’re often anxious about the process. Understandable.

But at Esurance, we’re making insurance surprisingly painless — and that, of course, means claims as well. Now, you might ask, can claims really be painless? Actually, the answer is yes. Let me explain how.

Make claims less confusing

As I see it, one of the biggest stressors when filing a claim is confusion around the process and perceived complexity. People go into it expecting it’s going to be very complicated.

Of course, every situation’s different and some are certainly more complicated. That’s why our caring experts are available 24/7, ensuring you have the help you need every step of the way. For most claims, however, filing online can be a very simple and efficient experience. And knowing what to expect ahead of time can help eliminate that confusion if and when you actually need to file a claim.

Make it simple to file your claim online

With Esurance, you can process your simple claims from start to finish online if you want to. For starters, you’ll get confirmation right away that your claim’s been received. Then, one of our experts will reach out to make sure you’re ok and that all your questions are answered. About a quarter of our customers file their claims online — and we’re making the process easier all the time.

During the claims process, our customers typically want 1 of 2 things: 1) quick payment and/or 2) reliable repairs. At Esurance, we make both options surprisingly painless.

  • Quick payment
    • If the damage was minor, you might decide you want to get paid quickly and be done with it. In that case, photo claims would be your best option from start to finish. You can use photo claims immediately upon reporting your claim. Then, simply snap a few photos of the damage and submit them via Esurance Mobile, our app, to get paid quickly. Very quickly! In fact, 69% of eligible photo claims customers are approved for payment in just one day.*
  • Reliable repairs
    • If the damage was more significant, you might prefer (or need) to get your car into a reliable shop right away. In that case, your best bet would be to rely on E-star®, our direct repair program and trusted network of shops. E-star is a great option because you can simply find your nearest shop online and get your vehicle to a repair facility immediately. The repairs are guaranteed as long as you own vehicle. Plus you can get real-time text updates for details on the status of your car with RepairView®. You don’t even have to worry about dealing with payment — we’ll take care of all the financial stuff for you by working directly with the shop.

Painless claims = happy customers

As always, we hope you don’t need to use insurance. But if you do, Esurance is committed to making the experience (from beginning to end) surprisingly painless. Your good experience is our intention, and we’ll keep on adjusting nobs and levers until every single customer who files a claim with Esurance is 100% happy with how the whole thing went.

*Photo claims not available in all states. Next business day payment for most low value auto claims where damage is visible in photos.

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Eric Brandt

about Eric

Eric Brandt is the Managing Director and Chief Claims Officer at Esurance. He has more than 25 years of experience in the industry as a claims leader for personal, commercial, specialty, and disability lines of business. Prior to joining Esurance in 2014, Eric was Chief Claims & Risk Services Officer at a global firm specializing in niche insurance in the U.S. Eric also held the Chief Claims role at a leading disability insurer and had many years of personal lines leadership roles with a major carrier in the direct-to-consumer space.