International Women’s Day is just a few short days away (March 8). At Esurance, we’re excited to celebrate the talented, hard-working women who contribute to our success. But honestly, there are too many for just one day. So we’re making a week of it!

Every day this week, we’ll be sharing some words of wisdom from a few of the many women who help make Esurance not only a success, but also a great place to work.

Today, we’re kicking off our series with a Q&A with our friend and digital product manager extraordinaire, Tracey Levea.  

Tracey’s a working mom of two daughters (Hailey, 20 and Abbey, 16), and an admitted hockey fanatic. Whenever possible, she rallies her daughters and husband Ted to spend some quality family time at a San Jose Sharks game.

What’s your best piece of advice to women just starting out in their careers?

This is advice I’ve given both my daughters — one in college, one in high school. It’s simple — just follow your heart. Don’t feel like you have to take a job close to home or family. Go where your dream job takes you.

What’s the best way to lift other women up in the workplace?

I don’t see this as a woman-only issue – lifting morale applies to all associates. I think keeping things “light” always helps. I’m also part of the Customer Experience Inspired Associates Committee, which is tasked with adding some fun and good times to associates across [our offices].

Who’s the woman you most admire?

Personally, my mom. She’s raised me to be the compassionate, giving person that I am today — and passed down her amazing organizational skills.

Professionally, Michelle Obama. What an amazing role model for women and young ladies. 

What’s the last photo you took on your smartphone? 

Our 10 month old Golden Lab (Brodie) completely crashed out after his day at doggie daycare.

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