We’ll be the first to admit that insurance — and especially insurance jargon — can be confusing. We’ll even go so far as to admit that it can, on occasion, be downright baffling. But we’re working hard to right this wrong.

Like the big brother who protected you from bullies on the elementary school playground, Esurance is here to help save you from intimidating insurance terms. You know, the ones that show off their lingo muscles and threaten to make you look dumb.

First lesson: indemnity. Though it sounds a little beefy, an indemnity is just a pre-determined sum paid for a covered loss. That’s it. No bulging biceps. Nothing to be afraid of. Just a svelte little word that describes what your insurer will compensate you with after an accident.

You’re feeling tougher already, aren’t you? To add more insurance definitions to your arsenal, visit our new-and-improved, jargon-free insurance glossary.

Don’t get pushed around. Get informed.

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