Here in San Francisco, winterizing your car basically means firing up the defroster in the morning. But, for most of the country, winter casts a slightly more potent spell. Though powder-white snow and gleaming ice crystals make for beautiful scenery, these elements can cause dangerous road conditions and wreak havoc on your car.

With that in mind, our friends at SpareFoot (who offer car storage services around the country) have created this helpful infographic with 7 simple steps for getting your car winter ready.

Chock full of useful winterizing tips — like checking your fluids and keeping kitty litter in your trunk — this infographic is handy for anyone currently (or soon to be) experiencing the cold shoulder from Jack Frost.

how-to-winterize-your-car-infographic (2)

More tips for winter

First, make sure you’ve got your winter car kit ready (don’t forget the kitty litter). Then, check out some all-star winter driving tips (including how to avoid skidding). Once you’ve pulled into the driveway, winterize your home to avoid these 6 nightmare scenarios. And when it comes to winter prep, you’ll definitely want to know the best way to de-ice the driveway.



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