Always there for you, sheltering you, keeping you safe and warm. Wow, don’t you feel all snuggly inside toward whatever this is? Well, it’s your home!

Love is in the air, so why not show your home some love by showering it with a little TLC? Here are 5 ways to let your love shine through.

1. Bring it a souvenir

We all can use a little upgrade to shake off our winter doldrums, so one easy fix is to bring some vacation cheer to your home.

Are you a beach person? Recreate that serene beach feeling by adding in some sea-worthy touches, from blue-and-white striped rugs to nautical prints. Or fill some vases with sand and seashells.

More of a mountain lover? Evoke the feeling of a cabin in the forest with plaid throws, a log coffee table, and a roaring fire.

2. Dress it up with some glamour

Give your house its glamour moment and up its curb appeal by planting fresh flowers in the front garden or porch pots. Freshen your front door with a bright coat of paint and add a colorful new mat. Your home will be ready for its close-up in no time!

3. Say it with flowers

Your home will feel brighter when you buy it some flowers. Tulips or roses are a great choice to freshen up your kitchen. Spread the love throughout with small bouquets in the bedroom, bathroom wherever there’s an empty surface.

4. Go back to basics

As great as it is to pay attention to the fun stuff, you should also take care of the essentials. And since we all know what’s inside counts most, let your house feel its best by minding the basics. That’s right, nothing says love like a little maintenance. Change your air filters, clean the gutters, check the smoke detector batteries, and give your house a good deep cleaning.

5. Let the sunshine in 

Is winter making your home feel a little dreary? Spread some sunshine throughout with smart light management. Keep your curtains open to let in as much natural light as possible. Or use some creative mirror placement to reflect light toward your darker areas. If you’re feeling even handier, you can swap out solid interior doors with glass doors in rooms that don’t need utter privacy, or even install skylights or extra windows.

And the ultimate way to show your house some love? With a homeowners policy that covers exactly what you need. Now that’s everlasting love.

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