Car accidents are unpredictable (no surprise there). When they happen, however, you want to have predictably reliable coverage. After all, protecting against the unexpected is one of the reasons you bought car insurance in the first place — so wouldn’t you want to know that you can trust your insurer when the time comes?

To help you find coverage you can rely on, here’s a few tips on what your perfect insurer should have (besides kind eyes, of course).

4 traits of a reliable insurance company

Even if you don’t know much about insurance, don’t sweat it. Here are 4 simple, telltale characteristics to help you judge a prospective company.

1. High marks from the authorities

You can find informative reviews of a company through several reputable resources. The Better Business Bureau, for one, allows you to search through tons of insurers and see what, if any, complaints they’ve received. And A.M. Best rates the financial strength of insurance companies, giving you a good idea of how they’ll be able to serve their policyholders (like being around to pay a claim).

At Esurance, we’re proud to have an A+ rating from both the Better Business Bureau and A.M. Best, showing that, above all else, we’re always working toward your peace of mind.

2. Competitive prices

Now, this doesn’t mean dirt-cheap prices. After all, companies that offer 50 percent cheaper rates often provide 50 percent less coverage (or worse, aren’t legit companies at all).

Instead, you want to shop around, compare coverages side-by-side, and find an insurer that provides affordability without sacrificing great protection. At Esurance, you can get a free car insurance quote for reliable coverage in minutes.

3. Great word-of-mouth

Few things can accurately depict a company like its customers. A loyal following tends to indicate that an insurer puts its policyholders first. Before you go with a company, it makes sense to research what others have said.

(In case you’re curious, you can see what customers are saying about us on our Facebook page.)

4. Licensing & longevity

It always helps to know that an insurer has experience in the field. You might want to check your state’s Department of Insurance (DOI) site when you think you’ve found the right company. Your DOI can confirm that the company has a license and can even show you when it was issued. Esurance, for instance, has been insuring drivers since 1999 — back when apps were hot wings and tweeting was for birds. Plus, we’re backed by Allstate’s 80-plus years of experience.

Of course, the need to be informed doesn’t end once you pass the shopping stage. If you have questions about how car insurance works, how to compare policies, and more, we have the answers in our in-depth car insurance info insights.


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