Yesterday marked the beginning of the Lunar New Year, an auspicious holiday observed by millions all over the world. As astrologers, economists, and other gurus predict whether the Year of the Rabbit will be a propitious one, we’re taking a slightly different route. Follow these 4 tips to be a luckier driver (guaranteed).

Get a rabbit’s foot

Okay, so it doesn’t have to be a rabbit’s foot, but if you’re nervous (or new) behind the wheel, studies have shown that lucky charms increase confidence. So keep a 4-leaf clover in the glove box, hang up some lucky dice, or use any other lucky charm that helps alleviate anxiety.

Of course, the best way to increase driving confidence is to practice, practice, practice. Consider taking a defensive driving course to increase your confidence on the road. Then bring out your lucky charm for good measure.

Ditch the lead foot

The following common-sense advice will increase your chances for safe-driving days and decrease your chances for car accidents and traffic tickets, making you that much luckier:

  • Slow down. According to, excessive speeding is a factor in one third of all fatal crashes. By following the speed limit, you can save lives and avoid tickets (which will also keep your car insurance premiums low).
  • Pay attention. Everyone knows this is the cardinal rule of the road, but in our modern world of smartphones and gadgets, it bears repeating. The only way to see and avoid hazards and collisions is to pay attention to the road and to what other drivers (who might not be paying attention) are doing around you.

Stay pumped

It’s easy to forget to check the pressure in your tires monthly, but doing so will definitely help you control your luck factor. Proper tire inflation increases fuel efficiency, maximizes treadwear and vehicle performance, and maintains your car’s traction to the road (which will help you avoid accidents). So invest in a tire gauge and make sure you check your tires once a month.

Get a car insurance policy that’s tailored to your needs

You probably knew this one was coming. Seriously though, no matter how lucky, safe, or great a driver you may be, accidents do happen. And when they do, you want to be protected. A great car insurance policy will not only provide stellar protection but also great service.

At Esurance, we make it easy to file a claim. You can call our customer service center at 1-800-ESURANCE (1-800-378-7262) or report your claim online in just a few minutes. Once you’ve filed your claim, your dedicated claims rep will contact you — generally within one business day or less — and will work diligently to get you back on the road.

Whether you believe that luck is the will of the gods or something you can control, stay safe on the roads and remember: When it comes to great car insurance, luck’s got nothing to do with it.

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