They say “getting started” is the hardest part of doing anything. The reason it’s so hard is because … well, where do you start? And in what direction? When it comes to your career, the Young Professionals Association (YPA) at Esurance can help with that first step!

What YPA believes

We believe success comes from a sense of community, inclusion, and collaboration.

On top of that, YPA also believes in driven people. That’s why they’re committed to helping young — and young-at-heart — Esurance associates set the stepping stones for their career path and personal development.

How YPA does it

At the helm of YPA are co-chairs Kasie Smith and Johnathan Schultz, early YPA members who’ve seen growth in their own careers as a result of joining. Kasie’s foray into YPA was as a front-line manager, where she made lasting connections with other Esurance associates. Then she became Chair, gaining more experience on a national level. Since then, she’s been promoted to Director of Business Innovation.

Johnathan was looking for a way to expand his horizons in his sales position, and Kasie was recommended to him as a resource. After a fantastic meeting, she encouraged him to sign on as co-chair, and together they spurred YPA to indomitable heights. Ever since, Johnathan has helped recruit more members, expand YPA to other offices, and is currently working on an action plan for 2020.

With chapters across the country, YPA connects associates with mentors to help grow their careers, plus provide them with opportunities to learn the ins and outs of other departments. It’s also a wonderful way to meet other associates.

Kasie Smith and Johnathan Schultz

Diversity & Inclusion workshops

Our very own Johnathan Schultz has held several Diversity & Inclusion workshops that touch on issues such as unconscious bias and the importance of championing uniqueness in the workplace. Additionally, he’s held multiple webinars on how to enhance your working relationships, become more impactful in the workplace, and recognize and challenge unconscious bias in ourselves and others.

Nurturing networks

What if there was a panel that shared tools and insights on building your professional and personal network in a way that was fun? AND … in the process, you had the chance to actually build your network? YPA syncs Esurance associates with some amazing conferences that do just that. One of them was held just last month by EmBe at the Museum of Visual Materials in Sioux Falls, South Dakota. It was attended by Esurance team members from all over the country!

Junior Achievement

JA Inspire is where educators and industry leaders come together to mentor students. In November 2019, Esurance was among over 100 companies from high-demand industries who set up interactive exhibits for more than 3,000 eighth graders at the Sioux Falls Convention Center. Not only was this a chance to make an impact on young minds, but it was also an opportunity to build our future workforce.

Join the Esurance family!

One of the great things about YPA is that the group instills a strong sense of camaraderie. Everyone is open to mentoring and helping you grow both personally and professionally. You’re encouraged to share your ideas, to bring your passion and energy to the table, and, ultimately, have an impact. YPA couldn’t encapsulate the culture at Esurance more — and it’s one of many Esurance Resource Groups that finds ways to help you evolve and develop.

So, if you’re looking for a company that offers multiple opportunities — and multiple means of getting there — then Esurance might just be what you’ve been looking for. Join our team by visiting our careers page at

Mesa, AZ office

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