At Esurance, we believe every member of our team deserves our respect and support. Which is why we created our Employee Resource Groups (ERGs): to give our associates a way to join together and support each other.

And it’s why EVETS — our ERG for associates who are current or former military personnel, along with spouses, siblings, and supporters of veterans — was founded. The EVETS mission is to enhance the overall diversity of Esurance by increasing our number of veteran associates. And that includes expanding into veteran marketplaces and building community outreach.

The purpose of EVETS

Our veterans and their loved ones have sacrificed so much for each and every one of us. And those sacrifices can last a lifetime. EVETS honors our associates’ military service. It also allows them (and their families) to share their common interests and experiences.

Opportunities for development

If you’re a veteran looking for professional development opportunities, joining EVETS can help! Some of the experiences you’ll gain include:

  • Rolling out inclusion, diversity, and belonging initiatives 
  • Providing support for many group-sponsored events and activities 
  • Enhancing communication skills 
  • Developing coaching and mentorship skills by connecting with associates across the organization 
  • Leading projects and improving public-speaking skills by acting as liaisons between the veteran community and Esurance

You’ll also gain a support group in a bigger community. You’ll make real connections and you’ll be able to participate in awareness events that educate others on all things military.

Mission 22

After our military members return from active duty, many suffer long-lasting health problems — from physical injuries and post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) to suicide. This is where Mission 22 comes in.

For several years, Mission 22 has brought attention to the alarming statistic that more than 20 veterans take their own lives on a daily basis. Their mission is to end veteran suicide in America. It takes a community to make this happen. And it inspired our Esurance EVETS group to recognize and honor our vets by initiating their own Mission 22 event: doing 22 push-ups a day, for 22 days in a row, at 2:22 pm.

It also helped raise money for the Mission 22 organization. Starting November 1, the EVETS team in our Greenville, SC office began this push-up challenge. They also incorporated a flag ceremony, where a flag bearing every military branch crest is put on display alongside a document that explains this mission. Because our senior leadership team was so excited about this event, we’re now incorporating this companywide! The flag and document will be sent to every Esurance office to be displayed for a month, before it lands at our headquarters in San Francisco to be displayed indefinitely. 

Care packages

Many United States military members are serving around the world. With the holiday season rapidly approaching, the EVETS team in Greenville, SC recently conducted a drive to put together care packages that’ll be sent to our associates’ deployed loved ones. The goal of this event was to create 100 care packages. But because the amount was far exceeded, they were able to donate additional packages to Blue Star Moms, a non-profit organization dedicated to the care of moms with children on active duty. Nice work, Blair McGraw, Andrew Gaultney, Bethany Hickey, and the EVETS Greenville team!

EVETS leaders are proud to support our veterans

Eric Ciocco

Eric joined EVETS to be an advocate for veterans on the Esurance team. As an Army veteran, he understands the challenges a soldier faces when transitioning to civilian life, as well as the sacrifices and hardships endured by their loved ones while their soldier was/is serving. He’s worked hard to ensure that we have an EVETS chapter in all ESU locations.

Outside of work, he’s a member of VFW Post 7511. He works closely with the post, keeping veterans connected with each other and supporting community events to ensure our veterans continue their life of service outside of active duty.   

Heath Thomsen

Heath is also co-chair and proud sponsor of our EVETS group. While he’s not a veteran himself, he has a father who served in the Navy, along with an uncle and 2 grandfathers who also served in the Army. His deep respect and honor for the military inspired him to become involved with EVETS at work. Heath’s commitment as a member earned him the leadership role as a National Co-Chair for EVETS. He’s also created networks between EVET members and groups outside of the company, such as DAV and the VA, to help benefit our employees. Outside of work, Heath has a wife and 3 children, and they all have deep respect for those who do serve or have been in the military.


Join our team!

Esurance has been making insurance surprisingly painless for twenty years. And we know that the best way to do that is to ensure all of our associates are supported, engaged, and excited about helping us make life easier for people. Every single day.

Want to see if there’s a role for you here? You can learn more about EVETS and check out our current job opportunities on our careers page.

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