Having your car in the shop is no fun. True. But at Esurance, we work hard to make this experience easier for our customers. Find out how Esurance RepairView® works.

Enter RepairView, our popular car repair monitoring service that’s easily accessed from any computer or smartphone. Here’s a little story to demonstrate how it works.

Melanie’s an Esurance car insurance customer from California (great!) who was in a car accident and had to send her car to the shop (not so great). Because Melanie chose to have her car (nicknamed Mr. Mellow) repaired at one of the 1,000+ Esurance-approved E-star repair facilities, she could monitor the entire car repair process from her smartphone.

Through RepairView, Melanie could:

  • Receive daily photos of Mr. Mellow’s repairs in progress, email them to her friends, and post them on Facebook
  • Get more info about the 10-step repair process
  • See the latest projected pick-up date
  • Email the repair shop or call them directly with the touch of a button

Throughout the whole insurance claims process, Melanie kept in touch with her dedicated claims rep, and before she knew it, Mr. Mellow was back to his normal self. Hurray!

Of course, Melanie’s not the only one who can take advantage of RepairView. If you’re an Esurance customer and you take your car to an E-star shop, you too can utilize this cool feature through the Esurance Mobile app for iPhone® and Windows® Phone 7. Plus, customers using Android™ phones with OS 1.5 or higher can access RepairView via the Esurance mobile site.

The moral of the story? Having your car in the shop is never really fun, but with handy innovations like RepairView, we’re making it better. One day, you might even want to get in a fender bender just to check it out. Ok, probably not.

Oh, and just in case you were wondering, Melanie and Mr. Mellow are now living happily ever after.

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