Esurance was recently nominated for a Webby Award for best insurance site. With all the hoopla surrounding awards season, we thought we’d take a look at how Esurance got to this point. From hopeful startup to innovative powerhouse, this is the true story of Esurance.*

The Esurance early years

Esurance was born online to modest means in 1999. Its parents, Tradition and Technology, separated before Esurance was born. And, bucking Tradition, Technology chose to raise Esurance on its own.

Esurance worked hard in those early years and got a scholarship to a local university where it majored in efficiency with a minor in environmental studies. While many of its classmates moved back home after college, Esurance set out to fulfill its dream — to help people save time, hassle, and money on car insurance.

Many scoffed at young Esurance, and said it would never make it in the crazy world of car insurance. “Those other companies are too big,” they said. “People don’t want to buy insurance online.” But with Technology’s unwavering support, Esurance persevered, honing its craft and making a name for itself.

Buzz-worthy performance

As Esurance’s versatility increased, so did its role in the insurance industry. From its modest beginning as a simple (but always easy-to-use) website, Esurance reached new heights with its innovative claims tools and policy-viewing, cupcake-finding smartphone app.

And fans took notice. Mark from Illinois declared:

“… I believe in and support your eco-friendly way of doing business … Furthermore, my total online experience (quoting and purchasing) was easy, logical and hassle-free … Thank you for caring about Earth!”

Critical acclaim wasn’t far behind. It started in 2007 when Esurance was named an Official Honoree by the Webby Awards. A second honor followed in 2008. And so began the buzz.

From indie darling to major player

Esurance took its new level of success in stride and in 2010 was quoted as saying, “I do it for the fans. Blockbuster success is great and all, but quality comes first.”

And it was that very quality that made critics take notice. Fast forward to today, Esurance is nominated for a 2012 Webby Award — what the New York Times calls the “Internet’s highest honor” — for best insurance website (based on content, structure and navigation, visual design, functionality, interactivity, and overall experience). Esurance is also up for a Webby People’s Voice Award. Polls are open from now until April 26. (Hint. Hint.)

“Nominees like Esurance are setting the standard for innovation and creativity on the Internet,” said David-Michel Davies, executive director of The Webby Awards. “It is an incredible achievement to be selected among the best from the nearly 10,000 entries we received this year.”

Esurance’s response, “It’s an honor just to be nominated, but hey, if you want to vote for me, that’d be cool.”

*Artistic license has been taken with the definition of “true.”

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