First impressions can be EVERYTHING. And that’s never more important than when you’re entering the job market for the first time.

Meet our success stories

Noah’s journey

Noah Newdorf’s first impression of Esurance came during his etern interview in 2018. He appreciated how the hiring manager and recruiter took time to get to know him, helping him understand what life at Esurance is all about. Feeling that he’d gain more experience working for a company that puts so much effort into their interview process, Noah accepted our offer. “At the time, another potential internship was open for me, but I chose Esurance since I thought I was going to be able to have more experiences available in a larger company,” he says. “I think that was the right call because I’ve been able to see the evolution of the security team and have been part of many new projects.”

During his internship, Noah focused on compliance, security, and malware protection projects. And it’s safe to say we were impressed by his hard work. So, when his summer internship ended, we offered him a full-time position, which he happily accepted. Noah completed his degree in Cyber Security and then officially joined the Esurance team as a Security Engineer shortly thereafter. And we’re lucky to have him!

Jesse’s story

Another former etern, Jesse McManus, agrees that first impressions matter. “I joined the Esurance etern program in 2018 because I enjoyed the interview process and felt like I would learn quite a bit,” he says. “During the interview, I was treated with respect and felt like I was being taken seriously and truly being offered an opportunity to grow.” He accepted the InfoSec intern position, primarily because he really wanted the chance to work with a diverse group of mentors.

And he certainly did. While interning at Esurance, he conducted cybersecurity investigations, crafted new security alerts, and assisted with compliance audits. His dedication certainly impressed us, so we offered him a full-time position as well. Jesse accepted, excited that the opportunity to grow at Esurance was so apparent. “I am so glad I joined!” Jesse says. “I’ve been at Esurance now for about a year and I continue to enhance my skills on a regular basis through projects, knowledge sharing, and a great mentor program.”

We asked both Noah and Jesse what advice they’d give job seekers looking to join Esurance. “Be ready to help,” Noah says. “The people I see doing the best work at Esurance are those who’re working with other teams sharing their expertise.” Jesse agrees. “Be prepared to jump in and start working. Your knowledge and teamwork are going to be welcomed and well used.”

Want to join our team?

At Esurance we strive to offer a dynamic, challenging, and thriving work environment. An atmosphere that’s designed to help you grow and develop the skills you need to reach your maximum potential. If you want to work for a company that welcomes your ideas and provides you with the opportunity to develop yourself professionally, then Esurance is the right place for you!  

We’re looking for enthusiastic graduate and undergraduate interns who have a fierce desire to add value to our growing organization. The ideal candidates are creative and possess the skills to construct out-of-the-box solutions to emerging business challenges. 

Interns at Esurance are presented with thought-provoking and challenging projects that allow you to shine in our fast-paced environment. We’re excited to have you help us continue to be a leader in innovation by giving you the platform to generate new, innovative ideas. And we’re hiring for our 2020 cohorts now! Join Esurance — a place that puts a premium on dedication, problem-solving, added value, and collaboration. 

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Noah Newdorf and Jesse McManus

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