Here at Esurance, we’ve always been at the intersection of technology and road safety. But as a modern company always trying to push the boundaries of what’s possible, we also understand that technology often comes with challenges.

So Andy Greenberg’s car-hacking story on WIRED earlier this week caught our attention.

As cars get more and more modern, they have the potential to make us safer, more comfortable, and more confident on the roads. But they can make us more vulnerable too. In the following mash-up, we present an overview of how technology is impacting modern driving.

Data driven: do you know what data your car’s sharing about you?
When Esurance interviewed consumers shopping for a new car about data and its use, it became obvious that many of us don’t have a clear understanding about what’s myth and what’s reality. To help separate fact from fiction, we asked car technology experts to set the record straight on some of the top areas of confusion and concern.

Can Cars Help Prevent Distracted Driving?
In the age of smartphones and on-board entertainment systems, some automakers are trying to prevent us from taking our eyes off the road. Will it work?

Self-Driving Cars: The Good
Self-driving cars are no longer a thing of the future, but are they here to stay? Find out how they could change our roads (and our world) forever.

Self-Driving Cars: The Bad
Sure they sound cool, but how safe can they really be? We take a closer look.

Roads to the Future: Smart Highways and Connected Cars
Cars aren’t the only things that are evolving fast. See how the roads themselves could utilize technology to keep us safer.

Cars Get Their Own Social Network … and It could Save Your Life
Could vehicle-to-vehicle communication eliminate the risk of a car accident? The NHTSA hopes it can.

You decide

The jury’s still out on what so much fast-moving technology will ultimately mean for us as drivers. To get the whole scoop, check out this recent report on smart cars and data (and what you should know about both).

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