A month or so ago, we asked our Facebook fans to tell us their favorite road trip snack. And boy, did we get some interesting responses!

Maverick snackers

A few of you choose to keep it, um, rustic and local: one guy likes to snack on “squirrels,” while 2 others pick up a little “road kill” on the way. One of you prefers to go the extreme-vegan route with “algae” (the snack that grows back). And one respondent likes to fuel up with a mix of coffee, espresso, and energy drinks: about 1,019 mg of caffeine by our estimate. Talk about life in the fast lane.

Sugar and salt

For the majority of respondents, a road trip is the perfect excuse to indulge. Pop-in-your-mouth snacks like chips or gummy bears were high on the list.

Health conscious

Around 15 percent of you keep on the straight and narrow (even when no one’s looking!) with wholesome snacks like fruit and nuts.

For a breakdown of answers by type of snack, check out our infographic below. And feel free to share your own favorite snack in the comments section.


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