Off camera: Ready?

Dennis Quaid VO: Hi there, this is a behind the scenes video for the new Esurance ad campaign about how they make insurance surprisingly painless by being simple, transparent, and affordable. Well actually it’s like a behind, the behind the scenes. Because of the whole transparent thing.

DQ VO: See there’s the director’s clapboard so you know they’re showing you stuff that’s not in the commercials. 

Dennis Quaid: Was that good?

DQ VO: I’m Dennis Quaid, the new Esurance spokesperson and this is my trailer.

Dennis Quaid (singing): Insurance is surprisingly painless.

DQ VO: Here’s some shots of crew guys moving stuff around. 

That’s me, screwing up my line. That happened a few times.

SFX: Flub noises

Dennis Quaid: That’s hard to say. Ready?

Director: Roll sound please.

Dennis Quaid: Readdddddddy.

DQ VO: They added these clips to show you how much fun we had on set.

Although it wasn’t all fun.

Dennis Quaid: HEY! GET OFF MY SET!

DQ VO: Those were birds.

Anyway, here are some scenes they actually used.

And finally, the ending part.

Dennis Quaid: Greatest commercial crew I have ever worked with. Yes, it is my first commercial.

DQ VO: That was pretty painless, right?

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As a Senior Copywriter at Esurance, Alicia spends her days making insurance surprisingly painless! She grew up in Detroit, spent some quality time San Francisco, and currently resides in Chicago with her dog, Pizza. In her free time, she enjoys getting creative in the kitchen or busting a move in Zumba.