At Esurance, we know that sometimes there’s nothing better than talking to a real live human (which is why we offer 24/7 customer service). The Trevor Project — the leading national organization providing crisis intervention and suicide prevention services to LGBTQ youth — knows that too.

So this year, we’re helping to spread the word about their NTL (Need to Talk Live) movement.

What is NTL?

Facebook, Twitter, email, text … with so many ways to stay connected nowadays, it’s easy to forget how important an actual human connection can be. But some things just can’t be expressed with 140 characters and an emoticon. Sometimes we need to hear a friendly voice. Sometimes the only connection that matters is the one made when 2 people have a real conversation about what’s going on in their lives. Enter NTL.

Texting or posting “NTL” signals to friends, followers, and anyone in our circles that we need to talk live. And we need someone to listen.

It’s part of a movement to bring more human interaction to the modern world.

Join the NTL movement

Visit our Facebook page to add your profile pic to the NTL photo mosaic. Your photo tells your friends and family that you’ve got their backs when they need to talk. Plus, for every photo added, we’ll donate $5 to The Trevor Project (up to $50,000).

When TTYL won’t do, NTL can help us make essential (and sometimes life-saving) connections.

Add your picture to our photo mosaic and show your support for the NTL movement.

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