If you’re thinking of buying a home in the Keystone State, the folks at Realtor.com have good news for you: they ranked Philadelphia and Pittsburgh in their top 10 markets for new U.S. homebuyers in 2014, based on factors like market popularity, inventory, and employment rates.

Pittsburgh also made the Forbes.com list of the top 20 most affordable American cities. MSN Real Estate ranked Philadelphia among the 10 most bikeable cities in the U. S. and Bryn Mawr as one of the top 10 most exciting college towns.

With a median home price of $179,900 and a slow but steady increase in home values (up 3.6 percent from last year), it’s no wonder the Keystone State is so appealing to homebuyers.

And now Esurance offers homeowners insurance in Pennsylvania.

Esurance homeowners insurance in Pennsylvania

Here’s a fun fact: the first successful property insurance company in America was founded by renowned Philadelphian Ben Franklin. And it’s still the best way to safeguard your most important assets.

Basically, the goal of homeowners insurance is to protect:

  • your home against damage from fire, storms, or other covered incidents
  • your possessions against theft or damage
  • you against liability for any accidents or injuries that happen to others on your property

But you have lots of choices within this framework, from choosing your deductible to tailoring your policy to cover specific categories (like sporting goods). If that sounds complicated, don’t worry — we’re here to help you out.

Our homeowners coverage is designed to be easy, flexible, and personal. With our 24/7 customer service, you can file a claim anytime.

In many cases, you could save even more with our wide range of discounts like:

Home Safety Features discount

Devices like burglar alarms, water safety systems, and fire alarms don’t just help protect your stuff — they can also reduce your premiums.

Hail Resistant Roof discount

If you recall May’s freak hailstorm in Pennsylvania, you can appreciate the value of a reinforced roof. Our discount is your reward for reducing the risk of hail damage.

Multi-Policy discount

Since Esurance also offers motorcycle and car insurance in Pennsylvania, customers who choose to bundle their policies together could save on all three policies.

Those are just a few of the savings you may be eligible for. Get a quote today and find out how affordable our coverage can be.

Esurance across the country

If you don’t own a home in the Keystone State, you’ll be glad to know our homeowners coverage is available in Arizona, Colorado, Illinois, Kansas, Missouri, Ohio, Oregon, and Wisconsin as well. With more states on the way!

And our motorcycle insurance is making its own cross-country journey. Esurance now covers motorcycles and other sporty rides in 9 states: Arizona, California, Florida, Illinois, Indiana, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Texas, and Wisconsin.

And our car insurance is now available in 43 states!

We have even more product rollouts planned for the rest of the year, so watch for us in your state soon (if we aren’t there already).

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