Esurance is thrilled to announce that it now offers car insurance in Idaho. We haven’t been here long, but we’ve already learned enough amazing stuff about the Gem State to fill a treasure chest.

We want to show our excitement by taking a virtual trip through the forty-third state’s history, culture, and, of course, roads and share some of our favorite findings.

3 Idaho fun facts

Idaho is, scientifically speaking, super-duper precious
It didn’t get the “Gem State” moniker for nothing. Idaho is home to a cornea-cracking 72 precious and semi-precious stones, some of which, like the Bruneau Jasper or Star Garnet, can’t be found in any other state.

Idaho has the deepest river gorge in North America
The deepest river gorge in North America is Idaho’s Hells Canyon. Measuring 7,900 feet deep, Hells Canyon is even deeper than the Grand Canyon (whose depth is a measly 5,820 feet or so).

Getting lost is so not Idaho
Sacajawea, Lewis and Clark’s personal guide and one of the most famous navigators of all time, was born here.

3 bodacious Idaho byways

Northern Idaho: Gold Rush Historic Byway
This 42.5-mile route may not be long, but it packs in all the wildlife, scenery, and landmarks you could ever want. Some main attractions include the town of Pierce (where gold was first discovered in Idaho), key points from Lewis and Clark’s journey, and the Clearwater Valley — a lush farmer’s paradise offering an awesome panoramic view.

Central and Western Idaho: Oregon Trail Back Country Byway
Spend all day traversing the trail of the original wagon-covered pioneers who braved the Idaho desert en route to Oregon. Two-thirds of the path is still gravel — not pavement — so you can get that authentic, hoof-obliterating vibe that so many oxen knew all too well.

Eastern Idaho: Bear Lake Scenic Byway
This 110-mile route touches on some of the state’s ultra-cool water formations. Take a dip in the world-renowned Lava Hot Springs, check out the Soda Springs geyser (the world’s only mechanically controlled, or captive, geyser), and follow the twisting path (if you can) of the 300-mile Bear River.

3 recommended road-trip stops

The Basque Market
This state has diverse food options that go far beyond the spud. Basque food is particularly plentiful because Idaho has the largest population of Basque people (those indigenous to northwestern Spain and southwestern France) anywhere outside of Europe. And the Basque Market, located in downtown Boise, is a great place to get a taste of the area’s tapasheavy cuisine — from paella to bocadillos to native meats, olives, wines, and cheeses.

Bogus Basin Mountain Recreation Area
Above all else, perhaps, Idaho is a paradise for the outdoorsy. And it’s hard to beat a day in the wintry mountains. The Bogus Basin Mountain Recreation Area is a Treasure Valley winter playground with an elevation of 7,600 feet and average snowfall of 200 to 250 inches per year. It offers a range of activities from snowboarding and sledding to snowshoeing and resort lounging. It also has the most acres available for night skiing anywhere in the Northwest (which just sounds awesome!).

Idaho potato museum
Sometimes it’s best not to overthink things. When you have a chance to visit a real life potato museum, you take it, and that’s that. Located in downtown Blackfoot, the Idaho Potato Museum will revel in the chance to educate you on this tasty vegetable — and for only $3 a ticket. You’ll also have the opportunity to view antique farming equipment, marvel at the world’s largest potato chip, and purchase potato lotion! (Really, though, if you haven’t tried potato lotion at this point in your life, you may be a lost cause.)

3 helpful Idaho car insurance coverages

Comprehensive coverage
Idaho has its share of unpredictable terrain and incremental weather. Luckily, our comprehensive coverage can protect your ride from whatever Mother Nature throws at it — whether a natural disaster, loping deer, or toppling boulder.

Emergency road service coverage
All that wintry fun in Idaho comes at a price. If you have a dead battery or find yourself stranded in a snow bank, you can count on emergency road service coverage to safely get you to the nearest repair shop.

Rental car coverage
If your wheels are in the shop, you can’t let that setback get in the way of your commute. And with all the miles Idaho spans, you could have a ways to go. Thankfully, Esurance’s CarMatch® Rental coverage can help pay for a temporary ride so not even an accident or vehicle theft will slow you down.

Get your Idaho car insurance from Esurance!

Esurance’s expert coverage options don’t stop there. And now that we’re a part of the Idaho community, you can chat with us anytime on how to improve your car insurance policy.

Give us  call at 1-800-378-7262 or get a free quote.

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