If there’s one thing no one likes, it’s an accident. Aside from being extremely stressful, accidents can be painful, scary, expensive, and more than a little nerve-wracking. Hey, we’re an insurance company … we know.

And while we do everything we can to help you avoid accidents, a huge part of our job here is also helping our customers deal with accidents. To that end, we’ve been making our cool mobile app (Esurance Mobile) even cooler.

Accident and Emergency Services on Esurance Mobile

Recent updates to Esurance Mobile mean that you have a whole network of helpful, friendly options available if you’re involved in an accident.

The latest update adds Accident and Emergency Services to our mobile repertoire of fast and easy tools. Using these features, you can provide accident info — including driver and vehicle info, location, and a description of the accident — right from your phone. You can also include up to 4 photos.*

Once you’ve entered all your info, we’ll get started on your claim. Simple as that. It’s one more way we’re making car insurance faster and easier.

Where you can get Esurance Mobile

If you’re an Android user, get the Android™ app here. iPhone-er? Get the app for iPhone® here.

Don’t have an Android or iPhone?

No worries. We’ve updated the mobile version of our website with the same functionality, meaning you can now file a claim on the spot using just about any web-capable phone — no app needed.

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*iPhone users will need to download the native iOS app to enjoy full mobile functionality. This is due to some limitations with the photo-uploading capabilities of the Safari mobile web browser.

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