Here at Esurance, we’ve been talking to our customers and people shopping for insurance. A lot. You know what they told us? That no one likes dealing with insurance.

They said it’s confusing. It’s a hassle. And it’s too expensive.

So we’re on a mission to make it easy to understand, simple to use, and affordable. In other words, we’re making insurance surprisingly painless.

Introducing “surprisingly painless” with Dennis Quaid

As we work to take the pain and mumbo jumbo out of insurance, we thought, “Why not do the same for our advertising as well?”

Why not, indeed.

So we enlisted the help of actor Dennis Quaid — yes, THAT Dennis Quaid — to launch our new brand campaign and help us illustrate just how surprisingly painless insurance can be.

According to our research — and let’s be honest, insurance companies always do their homework — Dennis Quaid is “highly likeable.” Of course he is! But he’s also honest and a real straight shooter.

In our new campaign, he gives a humorous performance that embodies our honest approach to insurance. He acknowledges that he’s in a commercial and speaks directly to viewers about how Esurance is making insurance simple and straightforward. Just like the ad itself.

Watch the magic here:

Ok, but what does it mean to make insurance surprisingly painless?

It’s a good question and one we’ve spent a lot of time thinking about. But in the end, it’s fairly simple.

If insurance is confusing, we’ll make it easy to understand. If it’s a hassle, we’ll make it simple to use. And if it’s expensive, well then we’ll continue to find ways to help our customers save, making it affordable.

Here’s how:

  • Easy to understand: Esurance explains coverage options in plain English and empowers customers with the tools they need to make confident choices. Tools like Coverage Counselor®, which takes the guesswork out of car insurance, making it super straightforward and understandable. It’s an online tool that explains coverages for you to consider in words that make sense.
  • Simple to use: We use technology to make insurance simple, from front to back. When it comes to filing a claim, for example, we provide daily status updates right to your mobile phone so you won’t be left to worry or wonder about where things stand. And with photo claims, you can file a claim from your smartphone. Super easy. Super fast. In fact, we usually send money for repairs within a day. That’s pretty quick!
  • Affordable: Esurance offers affordable rates and discounts to help customers save money. We work hard to keep our expenses low so we can pass those savings on to our customers. For instance, with our DriveSense® mobile app, customers save money when they practice safe-driving habits.

Check out this post from our president to learn more about how we’re making insurance easy, simple, and affordable.

We hope you enjoy our new ads. But more importantly, we hope they give you a better understanding of how hard we’re working to make every experience you have with Esurance … you guessed it, surprisingly painless.

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