Esurance is now available in Massachusetts! The sixth state to join the Union will be the thirty-eighth state where we offer our reliable, affordable car insurance coverage, and we’re wicked excited to be there.

To many non-Bay-Staters, Massachusetts is best known for its role in the American Revolution and its sports teams. But there’s a lot more to the commonwealth than patriots and the Patriots.

First of all…

Massachusetts was one of the first American colonies, so you would expect it to be the site of a lot of firsts. But the list is impressive nonetheless. Massachusetts boasts America’s first public park (Boston Common, established in 1634), first public beach (Revere Beach, 1896), first post office (1639), first public library (1653), and first regularly circulated newspaper (The Boston News-Letter, 1704).

In terms of education alone, Massachusetts was way out in front, with America’s first public high school (Boston Latin School), first university (Harvard, of course!), and first public elementary school (the Mather School), all dating back to the 1630s. And Massachusetts also paved the way for public transportation with America’s first railroad and subway systems.

Mother of invention

Maybe it’s the brisk New England air, but Massachusetts has always been an inspiring place for inventors. Homegrown innovations include the telephone, the typewriter, the transformer, and the sewing machine. And though “Duryea” is not quite the household name that “Ford” is, America’s first gasoline-powered car was actually built by Springfield natives Charles and J. Frank Duryea in 1892 (they also formed the first American auto manufacturing company).

So we at Esurance are very grateful to those Bay State geniuses. Being a modern, innovative car insurance company that offers 24/7 customer service and a sweet mobile app would be difficult without phones, electric power, or cars. Having a keyboard to type on certainly makes things easier for this writer. And if I had to come to the office in hand-sewn clothing, let’s just say I’d work from home a lot.

Sports and more sports

Even the most casual sports fans know that Massachusetts is a sports mecca, home to some of America’s most iconic professional teams (the Red Sox, the Bruins, the Patriots, and the Celtics). But did you know that basketball and volleyball both got their start in Massachusetts? Remember to thank those ever-inventive Massachusettsans next time you shoot hoops or spike that ball.

Other Massachusetts tidbits

Though “the Bay State” is its most common nickname, Massachusetts is sometimes called “the Baked Bean State.” And in addition to its state song (“All Hail to Massachusetts”), the commonwealth also has a state polka (“Say Hello to Someone in Massachusetts”), a state folk song (“Massachusetts”),and is considering a state rock song (possibly by local heroes Aerosmith).

Now you can toss out these fun Massachusetts facts next time you’re at a party and sound wicked smart.

And for you Bay Staters (who probably knew all this already), here are some Massachusetts insurance facts.

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