Esurance has arrived in the land of corn! We’re so excited about our new customers in Iowa and Nebraska that we asked our resident Cornhusker, Matt Savener, to introduce us to these neighboring states.

Who are you calling a flyover state?

If you’re from the East or West Coast, you might consider Iowa and Nebraska flyover territory. And if you’ve ever taken Interstate 80 through them, you might just wish you had flown.

But as this born-and-raised Nebraskan can attest, there’s a lot more to the Heartland than what you see from the air or the highway.

Elections in Iowa and Nebraska

Both of these states are politically unusual in their own ways. Iowa, a swing state in recent elections, holds the nation’s first presidential caucuses every 4 years. And Nebraska is 1 of only 2 states that can split its Electoral College votes in a presidential election (as it did in 2008).

Gridiron way of life

Football is a way of life on the plains. Nebraskans are known to plan weddings around Cornhuskers games, and on Saturdays, Memorial Stadium in Lincoln becomes the state’s third-largest “city.” There’s even a rumor that Nebraskans, per capita, drive more red cars (which — myth busted — are not more expensive to insure) than the rest of the country in support of the Big Red.

Iowa, not to be outdone, gets its football fix from the Iowa State University Cyclones, the University of Iowa Hawkeyes, and the University of Northern Iowa Panthers.

And both states boast storied college baseball, volleyball, basketball, and wrestling programs.

Corn as far as the eye can see

Iowa and Nebraska are superpowers in farming and livestock. Iowa leads the country in corn, soybean, and hog production, while Nebraska follows right behind Texas in cattle farming. Iowa also ranks first in ethanol production and second in wind power.

Nebraska and Iowa fun facts

Whenever we enter a new state, we like to gather as much intel as possible. Of course, this starts with knowing how car insurance works by state. But then we move on to the fun stuff. Here’s what we found.

Nebraska stats

Nebraska is known for Arbor Day, the Reuben sandwich, the world’s largest railyard, Omaha Steaks (duh), and Carhenge, a Stonehenge replica constructed from 38 painted cars.

Famous Nebraskans include Fred Astaire, Warren Buffett, Marlon Brando, Henry Fonda, Gerald Ford, and Malcolm X.

Fun fact: Cherry County is larger than Connecticut but home to only 6,000 people.

Iowa stats

Iowa is home to the Winnebago, the “Field of Dreams,” the bridges of Madison County, and RAGBRAI (a 470-mile bike ride in which 8,500+ cyclists dip their rear wheels in the Missouri River and their front wheels in the Mississippi).

Glenn Miller, John Wayne, Johnny Carson, Herbert Hoover, Donna Reed, and “Buffalo Bill” Cody all hailed from Iowa.

Fun fact: Iowa has almost twice as many people as Nebraska. But Nebraska’s biggest city, Omaha, is home to twice as many people as Iowa’s biggest city, Des Moines.

Tell your friends

If you have friends or family in Nebraska or Iowa, let them know we’re in town. And if you’re a Hawkeye or Husker yourself, check out our Iowa and Nebraska car insurance facts. Or get a car insurance quote online!

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