At Esurance, we’ve always been committed to making insurance better. That’s kind of our thing.

Recently we’ve been talking a lot to customers and people shopping for insurance. What we heard loud and clear is that most people really don’t understand their insurance — what they have or what they need.

People feel overwhelmed. Stressed out. And they’re never really sure they got it right.

Insurance is supposed to bring people peace of mind. But between all the jargon, coverage options, fine print, and confusing pricing, it can be frustrating. To say the least.

That’s why Esurance is on a mission to make insurance simple, transparent, and affordable. In other words, we’re making insurance surprisingly painless. From getting a quote, to filing a claim, our customers will see just how easy insurance can be.

Insurance should be transparent

Here’s the goal. Make insurance so easy and transparent that customers don’t have to think twice about it. Or second-guess themselves. Or wonder if they have the right coverage.

Take Coverage Counselor®. Designed to take the guesswork out of car insurance — making it super straightforward and understandable — it’s been a staple in our suite of online tools for many years. It explains things in a way that makes sense, helping people choose the right coverages for them. And, better yet, helping them feel confident they have the protection they need.

But here again, we’ll continue to make things easier than ever before.

After all, who better to turn insurance on its head than the same guys who did that once already as one of the first companies to offer car insurance online?

Insurance should be simple 

We have a growing array of online and mobile tools specifically designed to make insurance simpler.

Like photo claims, for example. To speed up the claims process, we use technology to let customers file claims from their smartphones.

They can take a few pics of the damage, send them to a rep, and get payment for repairs quickly. Sometimes in as little as 24 hours.

That’s the kind of ease and simplicity consumers want. It’s also what we want — a surprisingly painless insurance experience from quote to claim.

Insurance should be affordable

In addition to making insurance clear and simple, we also want to keep it affordable. And no surprise here, but that’s what our customers want too.

Esurance was born online and built to save. And that won’t change. We’ll continue to make efficiency a top priority in everything we do. And we’ll continue to pass those savings on.

We’re also helping customers save with simple tools like our DriveSense® mobile app. Our customers get a discount just for signing up. And then, by tracking their driving habits and continuing to drive safely, they’re able to directly impact how much more they can save.

But honestly? While great rates are good for customers, they’re also good for us. The better our rates, the more our customers love us. And the longer they stay.

And the longer our customers stay, the more chances we have to show them how surprisingly painless insurance can really be.

So here’s our promise

You want insurance to be so easy you barely have to think about it? You got it.

You want to know for sure that you have the right coverage and that we’ll be there when you need us? Done.

You want to feel like your insurance is worth every penny? We do too.

And so we’ll keep working. We’ll work harder than we ever have to make sure every single experience you have with Esurance is simple, transparent, and surprisingly painless.

Check out this post from our Vice President of Marketing to see the surprising way we’re launching our new campaign.

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Jonathan Adkisson

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Jonathan has 30 years of insurance industry experience. After tenures at GEICO and Farmers Insurance, he joined Esurance in 2000 as vice president and chief actuary. From 2003 until 2015, Jonathan served as managing director and chief financial officer.