Folks in the Buckeye State have always been protection minded. Ohio lays claim to the first motorized police car, the first professional city fire department, and the first hospital-affiliated ambulance service in the country.

So residents will be glad to know that they can now protect their homes with our first-rate Ohio homeowners insurance.

If you don’t own a home in Ohio, now might be the time to start looking. Of the 20 metro areas lists as the most affordable cities in America, 5 are in Ohio. And though home values have increased 8.3 percent since last year, the median home price is still only $115,300.

Plus, you’ll get to live in the state that’s home to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. What’s cooler than that?

Homeowners insurance in Ohio

Good homeowners coverage isn’t only about your house — it’s about the people and possessions inside it as well. That’s why Esurance coverage protects against so much.

Structural damage

We’ll help you repair your home and other structures on your property if they’re damaged by an incident like a fire, tornado, or hail. We’ll also help pay to replace your lawn or trees if those are harmed.

Property theft and damage

If someone breaks into your house and steals all your worldly goods, or your stuff is damaged in a fire, we’ll help pay to replace it. And if the items are stolen from your car or a hotel room, we’ll usually cover that too.

Personal liability

If a guest is injured while they’re at your home, or if you accidentally cause injury or property damage away from home, your homeowners coverage will typically help pay the legal and medical bills.

And that’s just for starters. We offer a whole range of other coverages you can choose from, from additional living expenses if you have to relocate while repairs are being made, to water damage coverage if a drain backs up. Get a quote today and find out how affordable it could be to safeguard your castle with Esurance.

Bundling homeowners and car insurance in Ohio

Since Esurance also offers car insurance in Ohio, customers who choose to bundle their policies together can save on both types of insurance with the Multi-Policy discount. Bundling discounts also apply with our motorcycle coverage.

Esurance across the country

If you don’t live in the Buckeye State, fear not — our homeowners coverage is available in Arizona, Colorado, Illinois, Kansas, Missouri, Oregon, and Wisconsin as well.

We’ve also been rolling out our motorcycle insurance across the land. Esurance now covers bikes, trikes, scooters, and more in 9 states: Arizona, California, Florida, Illinois, Indiana, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Texas, and Wisconsin.

And with the recent addition of Maine, Esurance car insurance is now available in  43 states!

We’ll be launching in still more states in the months to come, so if we aren’t in your home state yet, keep an eye out for us.

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