We all know that Texas is big. At a whopping 268,601 square miles, Texas is the largest state in the contiguous U.S. and is bigger than every single European country.

And with that much land, it’s no wonder that Texas has the second largest population in the country. Out of 27 million residents, about 63 percent own their homes. So, to the 17 million homeowners in the Lone Star State, we are proud to announce that Esurance now offers homeowners insurance in Texas.

So what does that mean for you, Texans?

A policy with your best interest at heart

When you get Esurance homeowners insurance in the great state of Texas, you can count on more than just great coverage, 24/7 help from knowledgeable experts, and easy online policy management. You can also depend on the following features to help you tailor a policy to your needs and save time and money in the process.

Claim forgiveness

With this feature, if you do need to file a claim, we’ll forgive it (meaning your rate won’t increase) and you can still keep your Claim-Free discount.

Manage all your policies in one place

By bundling your Esurance policies, you can access your policy docs and important info in one centralized place.

Protection in the Lone Star State

Our package of standard coverages offers extensive protection for your home, your stuff, and your personal liability.

Dwelling protection

Your Esurance homeowners policy can help protect your home — your largest investment — from fire, wind, hail, vandalism, and more. If the unexpected occurs, we’ll help repair or rebuild your home, porch, deck, and other attached structures, restoring them to their good-as-new condition.

Family liability protection

If you (or a family member living with you) accidentally cause property damage or injure someone, your liability costs could be covered — think legal fees, medical bills, and settlement amount.

One hundred thousand dollars of liability coverage is automatically included with your policy, but you can choose to increase your limit up to $500K. And, best of all, you won’t have to pay out of pocket (a deductible) for the coverage to kick in.

Personal property protection

Insuring your home also means protecting everything inside it. With an Esurance homeowners policy, your stuff (furniture, electronics, appliances, clothes) is covered.*

Coverage around the country

Not a Texas resident? Don’t worry, Esurance offers homeowners coverage in many states around the country. Find out if Esurance homeowners is available in your state to see how much you could save.

And if you’re not a homeowner, Esurance also offers renters coverage and auto insurance.

*On some categories of personal property, Esurance will pay a set limit. Some exclusions and limits may also apply.

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