In the latest Esurance commercials, we talk about … what else … savings. More specifically, we talk about how Esurance was built to help you save on car insurance.

“Born online, raised by technology, majors in efficiency. So whatever they save, you save. Hassle, time, paperwork, hair-tearing-out, and yes, especially dollars.”

This, however, has led a few of our friends and fans to wonder, “How exactly does Esurance save you money?” It’s a darn good question and we have some darn good answers.

Top 3 ways we’re built to save  you money on car insurance

1. Born online (no envelope lickers)

As a dot-com survivor, we know what it takes to make a business run online. And with more than a decade’s worth of experience under our belt, we’re getting pretty good at it (if we do say so ourselves).

Our unique online customer experience helps us limit our expenses substantially — and it’s not hard to see why. Think about how much paperwork you get from your various financial services providers each year. Then multiply that by hundreds of thousands of customers. Now add in the costs … paper, ink, stamps. Even having someone to lick the envelopes and drop them in the mail costs money. It all adds up.

By offering our customers the option to handle most of that paperwork electronically, we’re able to save (big time) on overhead costs. And that’s a savings we can then pass along in the form of great rates. Meaning everybody wins.

2. Raised by technology (useful gadgets galore)

With easy-to-use online tools, super handy mobile apps, and a Twitter account (@EsuranceCares) designed specifically to help customers with their questions and concerns, we’re pushing the envelope on what can be done to make car insurance easier. And the more we’re able to make the experience smoother — from quote to claim — the more time and hassle we help you save in the long run.

But don’t get us wrong. Just because we’re constantly working to improve our online and mobile tools doesn’t mean we’re a company based solely on technology. We’re also comprised of living, breathing car insurance experts who work round-the-clock to field calls from customers, answer their questions, and help them find ways to save money. Which leads us to our next point …

3. Majors in efficiency (calibrated services and comparison quotes)

By offering a wealth of online and mobile tools as well as 24/7 expert service, we provide our customers with a streamlined process that lets them choose the easiest approach.

This is not only more efficient for our customers, it’s also more efficient for us since we’re able to calibrate our services more specifically. Plus, in the true spirit of saving customers time and money, we offer online comparison rates from other companies. We’ll even help customers buy whichever policy is priced right for them (whether it’s from us or not). How’s that for efficiency?

Now that you know our (not-so-secret) sauce and can see how simple the equation is, why not get a car insurance quote to see how it works? Find out if being born online, raised by technology, and majoring in efficiency can add up for you. Or just keep us in mind next time you’re shopping for car insurance. Either way, thanks for stopping by.

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