The NBA playoffs are approaching. The Golden State Warriors are on fire. Could Warriors basketball get any more exciting?

It could (and did) recently for Richard W. of Napa, when he won the final round of the Warriors’ Enter the Madness contest and received a brand-new custom motorcycle, courtesy of Esurance. Richard earned his bike through his on-court skills and coolness under pressure, beating out 7 other Warriors fans in a series of single-elimination challenges over 6 home games.

After the first quarter of Sunday night’s game, Richard and fellow semifinalist Joy stood ready on the court as fans passed 2 basketballs down to them through the stands. Once they had the ball, they had to run it through a set of orange cones and sink a basket.

Richard scored first and was presented with his 2-wheeled, super sweet, custom prize at half court by Esurance CEO Gary Tolman. A motorcycle rider for more than 20 years and a big Warriors fan, Richard was thrilled to own a one-of-a-kind bike in Warriors colors. We were thrilled that we could help make it happen, and proud as always to be sponsors of Warriors basketball.

Like the Warriors, Esurance is all about coverage. And now that we offer motorcycle insurance in select states (including the Golden State), giving away a motorcycle seemed like a natural fit. If you love to ride, find out if we offer coverage where you live.

Go Warriors!

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